Draenen Black


Draenen is a bit cocky being raised in family of rockstars, on top of that he’s a Black, an out casted Black, but none the less he’s part of the Black family. He wants to become just as famous as his parents. He plays guitar and writes music. He wants become a dark wizard, but will definitely shy away from a fight if the opponent is stronger than him.

Draenen is tall and slim with the average grunge look of the 90s. His eyes are grey, his eyebrows are thick and black. He wears a lot of flannels and ripped skinny jeans, band shirts, and vans. When he’s not wearing his Hogwarts robes. He is considered by most to be quite handsome.

Yew, Unicorn Hair, 13 inches


Draenen is the youngest of three. His parents, Jack Black and Meg Black (Avery) are famous rockstars. Their band is called the Black Stripes. His oldest brother Scabior Black is in his last year at Hogwarts this year (Year 1 for Drae), he’s kind of mean and harsh to most, but he does seem to care for Draenen, he’s also a Slytherin like most his family. The middle child is Mordred he’s one year younger than Scabior. He’s in house Ravenclaw. He wants to become a wand maker like Ollivander.

Draenen had quite the perfect life growing up with his brothers. He looks up to his brothers a lot, mostly Scabior, Scabior being more tough and rebellious than Mordred. So he takes after Scabior most. Scabior also talked to him a bit about dark magic. So Draenen has a bit of a head start for his age, but he’s no where near mastering it yet.

Draenen Black

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